• About Us

    We are Nasser Al-Khunizi Accountants and Consultants, a professional accounting consultancy office that was established in 2018 in the city of Dammam under license number 622. We have experienced staff with decades of experience, and a branch in Riyadh. Our clientele is not limited to these two cities, as we have clients all over the Kingdom. We are an independent member of the international Integra group. Our aim is to increase economic awareness in the private sector and reduce financial waste through contribution. This is in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to become a leading economic power in the region and the world as a whole.



    Leadership in providing high-quality accounting consulting and completing it with excellence.


    the message

    We are committed to providing accounting services in accordance with the best professional practices and global quality standards, in order to achieve comprehensive customer satisfaction.


    the mission

    Full commitment to the Islamic values and the applicable regulations and laws, and not to deviate or violate them.


our values


Respect for people


customers satisfaction