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What is the work of an accounting office

Some may think that working in accounting offices is limited to one job, which is the report issued by him about his opinion on the financial statements and the extent of their validity and expression of the company’s financial position.

As a result of the activity, as well as his opinion on the ability of the establishment to continue, it is true that this is an essential role for the accounting office, but there are other important works also carried out by the accounting office. Among the most important of these works following his report are the tax works that he undertakes for the establishment, which are many and difficult to list in Hana lines. Also, there are works of feasibility studies and consultations Finance, there are corporate and incorporation contracts, there are bookkeeping works, and there are evaluation works

For the facility in its broadest sense, in the event of an acquisition, merger or merger, for example

These are some of the work of the accounting office, and it is not a condition that all capabilities and expertise are available to all accounting offices to carry out these works. Some offices may practice part of the above or suffice with auditing only, and the sufficiency of some works or more does not mean denying or rejecting the rest of the work in other accounting offices, even if you You see, the work of the chartered accountant stands at the limits of your practice of this part only, as all of them are works that fall under the concept of accounting and financial services, and before I finish my words, I remind myself and you that there is etiquette and behavior for the profession that must be followed and preserved as preserved by the previous ones and we received it from them, so it should not be announced Accounting office services by messages, on Facebook or WhatsApp pages, or by advertisements in public roads, for example.